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Rotary Member of the Week
Matt Faber
Matt attended Austin High School in Austin, Minnesota, and then St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, where he was an English Major. After college Matt went into sales where he sold for several large companies. Before coming to Marshfield Clinic, Matt sold educational resources to schools throughout Wisconsin and Illinois. Since December of 2013, Matt has worked in Development for Marshfield Clinic. That role led him to become interested in Rotary where he has enjoyed meeting new people and giving back to the community of Marshfield. Matt has two daughters, Sophie, age 7, and Avery, age 4.
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The Amazing New Hyperbaric Chamber at Marshfield Clinic

The new building development on the east side of the Clinic is not a new hospital, as some may have thought. It is a new center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Tissue Repair under the direction of Dr. Michael Caldwell. Shawn Meyer explained that Hyperbaric Medicine is treatment in which oxygen is provided in a sealed chamber at an ambient pressure greater than 1 atmosphere (normal sea level pressure). Hyperbaric treatment uses oxygen as a medicine. People normally breathe oxygen at about 21 percent in air. With hyperbaric oxygen therapy, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen at up to 2.4 atmospheres, markedly increasing oxygen in the patient’s blood stream. The increased oxygen causes new blood vessels to grow at the site of an injury or infection and helps fight infection by giving white blood cells needed oxygen to kill bacteria and fungi.

Hyperbaric medicine is used to treat chronic non-healing wounds in diabetic patients; chronic infections in bone; late effects of radiation therapy; compromised or failing flaps or grafts; soft tissue infections that lead to tissue death and destruction; and carbon monoxide poisoning, among other conditions. Shawn described one patient, a diabetic, whose surgical wound following breast cancer surgery refused to heal for a period of ten years. She was unable to take a full body shower or swim in a swimming pool for all that time. The woman came to the Clinic and over a period of about two years had 262 hyperbaric treatments and is now almost healed. It is common for diabetic patients, in particular, to live with painful and debilitating wounds for years. One of the joys of his job, Shawn said, is that with hyperbaric treatment, he can actually see wounds healing.

The Clinic currently has two chambers, but they are small and between them can treat 10 patients a day. Furthermore, they prove difficult for patients with claustrophobia and they also pose a fire hazard as the entire chamber is filled with oxygen. The new multiplace chamber is large enough to house ten patients at a time plus a staff member. The patients sit comfortably in recliners and wear masks for oxygen. The pressurized atmosphere is regular air rather than oxygen, thus significantly reducing the fire hazard. With the new chamber, the facility will be able to treat 36 patients a day. The new three-story, 34,000 square foot building has been in the planning stages for five years and should be completed and accepting patients in July. The chamber itself, which weighs 78,000 lbs., is made in Australia and is probably being shipped right about now.

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