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Rotary Member of the Week
Brenda Dillenburg
Brenda grew up in the area, earned her bachelor’s at UW-Eau Claire, her MS Degree at UW-Stout, and in 1982 began her teaching career at Southwest Technical College in Fennimore, WI. Since 2002, Brenda has served as the Marshfield Campus Dean of Mid-State Technical College. Brenda and her husband, Denny, have two adult children, Mandy and Andrew. Mandy and her husband, Vik Patel, live in Madison.  Andrew and his wife, Emily, live in Marshfield.  Brenda serves or has served on the Board of Directors for Marshfield Area Chamber Foundation, Marshfield Area Community Foundation, Opportunity Development Center and Ministry Central Region Board. 
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Moving Mid-State Technical College Forward
Shelly Mondeik became President of Mid-State Technical College June 1, 2017. When she took the position, she committed to sitting down for a 30 minute meeting with each of Mid-State’s full time employees, 208 in all. She asked everyone the same four questions: Tell me a little about yourself; what do you see as the strengths of Mid-State; what do you see as opportunities and gaps; as your new President, what else do you think I should know? From that, she identified some themes. The timing was good, because MSTC’s Strategic Plan was due for updating following 2017. Shelly could share with her board what she had learned from her staff and ideas about what they had to do and where they had to go. She and the Board identified three Strategic Directions. 1) Provide responsive, flexible, high quality education to foster student achievement through career pathways and life-long learning. 2) Deliver dynamic, innovative solutions to provide a skilled workforce and enhance economic viability within the district as a community partner. And 3) Strengthen K-12 partnerships to maximize student access and student success.

An example of how they would achieve the first Direction is this: Someone comes in to get CNA training, they will show that person how he/she can go all the way to an RN or all the way to a Radiographer or if they should get the LPN first and everything in between. “It’s about being customizable,” Shelly said. The second Direction involves working with local communities, businesses and Chambers, to make sure Mid-State has the programs necessary to provide the skilled workforce the community needs. In the past, businesses had to go to MSTC to express their needs. Now MSTC is being proactive and approaching the businesses to find out what it is they need. The third Direction involves working closely with K-12 educators to make sure they offer what their students need to find employment in their home community. An interesting statistic: 93% of Wisconsin Technical College graduates live and reside and work in Wisconsin. For MSTC, the figure is 96%. The 16 Wisconsin Technical College campuses have over 350,000 students. When 93% of those students stay in Wisconsin, that is a significant part of the workforce solution.

To make sure they have the right program mix, they have a program advisory committee made up of industry partners. In Marshfield, they also have a campus advisory committee where cross disciplines met together and they were asked, from where you sit, how is Mid-State doing? And from that, they customize their offerings. MSTC will offer two new programs this fall. One is Hospitality Management and the other is IT: Cyber Security. All in all, Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges and Mid-State Technical College are a wonderful resource for our state and our city.

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