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Marty Reinhart
Marty was born in Iowa but grew up in Omaha. He attended Mankato State where he met his wife, Laurie. Marty worked in Omaha and southern Minnesota before moving to Marshfield on Halloween Day, 1985. It was pouring while he took his kids trick or treating. Marty & Laurie have three married children, Chris, Susan, and John, and four grandchildren. Marty likes the camaraderie of Rotary and the fact that we can make a difference in the world better together than separately. Marty is President of Heritage Bank.
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Hiking the North Country and Ice Age Trails

Just two weeks ago, Marty Reinhart, Steve Coy, and two others completed a six day, fifty mile backpacking trip on the “North Country Trail.” Of the 11 national scenic hiking trails, Wisconsin has at least a portion of two. The 4600 mile North Country Trail is the nation’s longest, stretching from New York to North Dakota. The 1200 mile Ice Age Trail is entirely within Wisconsin. Marty explained the impact the glaciers had upon Wisconsin’s terrain. The Ice Age Trail follows the edge of the last continental glacier in Wisconsin. Marty has hiked several sections of the Ice Age Trail, including the beautiful and dramatic area near the Dells of the Eau Claire.

The North Country Trail journeys through a variety of environments in the northeastern and central United States. This includes a 60 mile segment in the Chequamegon National Forest which gave birth to the concept of the trail as well as its name. Marty and Steve’s trek began in the Rainbow Lake Wilderness section. The hikers spotted an abundance of wildlife including eagles, loons, grouse, and deer. Fortunately they didn’t encounter any bear but they took elaborate precautions with their food, cooking utensils, and even certain toiletries, hanging them well out of reach of even a determined bear. Steve described the measures taken to reduce weight, eliminating all non-essentials (like toilet paper tubes & dental floss), finding lighter alternatives (really light-weight bottles), and reducing quantities of things (a strip of duct tape around a piece of cardboard instead of a roll). Marty brought along one luxury, a folding chair, but it was compact and very light. Marty and Steve highly recommend trying out Wisconsin’s beautiful scenic trails.

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