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Dennis Juncer
Dennis Juncer, president of our club for the 2007-08 year, is a native of Medford, but his parents moved to Waukegan, Illinois, where he graduated from high school. He attended the University of Illinois, but left school to enlist in the US Army for three years. As a Vietnam veteran, Dennis then returned to graduate from the university. He also obtained a R.O.T.C. commission and returned to the Army for four more years as an Infantry officer, and then to law school. After law school, Dennis returned to Wisconsin, and practiced law in Marshfield until his recent retirement. He and his wife Ann have four daughters who all graduated from Marshfield Senior High. Dennis has been in Rotary since 1987 and is a two-time Paul Harris Fellow.
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Lead Pipe Service Replacement Program

John Richmond is head of the Water Department at Marshfield Utilities. John spoke to us about the Utilities’ lead service replacement program. He talked about the difficulties faced by the city of Flint, Michigan, and its problems with lead contaminated drinking water. Like Flint, Marshfield also has lead services, the pipes that connect the water mains to homes. Utilizing a DNR grant, Marshfield is attempting to remove all lead services. The Utilities have about $500,000 to spend in the effort. It has long been known that consumption of lead can lead to emotional and cognitive disabilities. Why was lead ever used for piping? The great virtue of lead is that it is pliable, easily bent to follow a crooked path, and it is strong and will last a long time. It is also easy to work with.

Copper is commonly used to replace lead. Copper is much more difficult to shape and there is a lot of shaping required. For one thing, plumbers bend the pipes (as seen in the squid picture) to reduce what is called “water hammer.” When water is flowing rapidly and is suddenly turned off, the physical reaction is a loud bounce back or water hammer. Bending the pipes reduces the effect.

Right now the Utilities has enough grant money to replace about 200 residential lead service lines over the next three years. The Utility is covering full replacement up to a cost of $3000. Actual costs so far have ranged from $1950 to $4100. Currently they have processed about 30 applications. How do you know if you have lead service? If it is gray and you can flake the surface easily with a coin, it’s lead. The Utilities can only help with the service line, not with interior or premise plumbing. That is the homeowner’s responsibility. Most of the lead services in Marshfield are found within what John calls the “Inner Diamond,” the central area of Marshfield with streets that don’t run true north/south, east/west.

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